Saturday, September 22


I'm quite proud of myself for owning the same phone for over 4 years.
I used to be against technology (and somewhat still am). I ignored everyone around me and bought my first SLR (Minolta, sniff sniff) instead of a shiny new digital. I caved and went digital only when I needed one for school. We didn't have TV until about 6 months ago. I think I was proud to carry around that "title" of the-one-who-doesn't-have-a-TV. It was just a title though, and it got too heavy to carry around.
I like titles, but they get old, and unbelievable, and somewhat pathetic.
So we got a TV.
But now, my title is the-one-who-has-a-phone-from-1990.
No, of course I bought my phone in the 21st century, and it's in color, and even has a camera and, well, that might be it. I kept eyeing the new smartphones and saying stupid things like "I really need to get a new phone". It's stupid because mine works perfectly fine.
Last week I went out to do some errands and came back knowing that it's time, I really do need a new phone.
Tecnology. Instagram. Those black and white pixel code reader apps. Apps. Waze. What's up.

Y has a thing for Hedgehogs. He loves them and thinks they're the greatest little animals on earth. They are pretty cute. We have a few in our yard, and every now and then we see/hear one scurrying away.
We live in a neighborhood where all the neighbors feed the stray cats. We've gotten used to it over the years.   It's no big deal anymore. I guess the food they leave out attracts the hedgehogs at night, so maybe it's a good thing in the end.
Last Friday when I left the house, I noticed the bunch of cats eating in a corner. One cat looked, different. Looking closer, I saw it was a huge (HUGE) hedgehog. All the cats were chilling with it, like he was one of the gang. All I could think about was, "I have to take a picture of this, Y will go nuts!" Until I turned on my phone, and figured out how to take a picture, another neighbor came out and the hedgehog scurried away.
I was more than bummed. That was the last straw. I know that if I had a smartphone I would have had a whole album of that hedgehog. (Or would I have?)

I feel stupid for trying to hold onto something I'm really not, like "against technology" and stuff like that. Truth be told, I've wanted a smartphone since the day after I bought my current phone. I want to know what the buzz is about. I want to worry about not dropping it, or ruining it. I want to download lots of junk I don't need.
It's hard to let go of something, and I know when the day comes and I'll hand in my old little heavy red phone, I'll have second thoughts. Too expensive, too fancy and mostly, I really don't need it.

Change can be good. And I'm excited for change. But it might come in a different form ;)

Friday, September 14

Zig Zag!

I finished the top of my quilt the other weekend...

Zig Zag quilt, so simple but so lovely

And today picked up from the PO a bundle of lovely fabric, for both backing (TBD), binding and another quilt or two ;)

Sigh... Oh how I love fabric...

Now, just need some filling.

I bought some "Hello Luscious" Charm packs a while ago and began my first quit. I think I'm in love.
I know I'm only half way through the process, quilting everything together and then binding still lies ahead of me, but up until now, oh what fun!
It took me forever to figure out what color binding would go best. I went with the dark turquoise, "Succulent honeyed turquoise". Yum.
And I might have bought some other fabric...
I haven't even finished my first quilt and already have plans for my fourth, fifth and sixth.
I love the look of Flying Geese, and think Oh Deer, by Momo would be an amazing quilt for a little boy. I cannot wait to get my hands on that.
But being realistic, my next two projects will be simple pink on pink and blue on blue zig zag quilts. I'm so excited!

Did you know I'm giving away a project bag?
Head on over to Lisa Bogarts blog to sign up! Plus a 15% discount using the code "knitwithlove912" at checkout, good until the end of September.
Halloween bags are in the shop, and more will be coming, here's a sneak peak :)

Ever so lovely Tula pink ;)

Have a lovely weekend ♥

Saturday, September 1

Letting Go

Today my loving husband told me I'm somewhat of a control freak.
OK, I get it, I like to know what's going on, to plan in advance, not to be surprised. I like it when things go as planed, work smoothly and come out as expected.
I think perfectionist goes right in there as well.
What he told me did not in any way come as a surprise. I guess I expected him to say I was getting better at not trying so hard. I just can't help it.
Pinterest is great for a lot of things. I think that had it not been for that site, I would have just kept drooling over gorgeous quilt patterns and jelly rolls/charm packs/fat quarters. Pinterest got me going, sent me to work, seeing other peoples projects made me believe that- yes I can!
Last weekend I began my very first quilt (beginners pattern- zig-zag). I bought a super pretty charm pack (Hello Luscious, Moda) and a solid pack to go with it. Because no matter how much I try, I cannot for the life of me cut a straight line.
And I have the most awful time deciding which colors go with which. Most of my time wasn't spent on actual sewing (or ironing those damn seams) but figuring out which pattern should go next to what, how the colors should line up, stressing over tips of triangles not quite matching, and being cut off.
Yes, I am a control freak. I get it.
But I take this as a lesson, and a start at letting go. Quilts, patchwork are known for their "mismatch" and I'm told that's what makes them so beautiful.
I'm still obsessing over the solid modern quilts, but for now am going to try to live on the wild side, different patterns and colors. That does NOT mean I'm not going to get a bunch of fat quarters, I'm not quite there yet. I've been eyeing the Oh Deer and Birds and Berries (both Moda) lately, now just to find a pattern.
I finished the top of the quilt today. I'd say I'm half way there. I need to buy some filling and plain white backing, and decide what pattern I want for the binding. Another hard part. What goes best?!

Check out my Quilt Love board on Pinterest , some of those quilts are now officially on my to-do list. And now that I know I can, I just need to find the time :)

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

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