Monday, March 25


Awesome. Today is the first day of a (hopefully work doesn't call and need me!) 10 day vacation. Again, awesome! This is a much needed vacation, even if I spend it all at home and rest. Not wasted time if you ask me.
We started the day in bed and just laid around until 10:00. I love my weekend morning coffee in bed, even more so when it's on a weekday!
Tonight is the first night of Passover, and we're off to my Moms, I'm not sure what's on the menu, but I know we're bringing chicken and I asked for tongue. Tongue is so holiday-ee, and I love it!
I'm bringing along my knitting to finish up, only have half a sleeve to do and then it's good to wear. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Pictures hopefully this weekend!
I also hope to get another block or two for my Swoon blanket finished this week. 3 done 6 to go. Yikes.

 A bit wrinkled. Can you spot the bear?

 When I read the pattern, and it said "finished block size 24" ", I figured it would be big. ish. I go by the metric system, and even when I'm told a certain measurement in cm, I'm totally lost. I am not a length person at all. To me, everything is pretty close, or pretty small. 5 minutes away. 20km? That doesn't sound like a lot. (Or does it?!)
Anyways, apparently, 24" is BIG. As in VERY BIG. This sucker is going to cover our whole bed with room for Y to yank more of the blanket onto his side. 

Y took these pictures Saturday, and it was way to windy out to do anything, so into the house we went. the finished quilt will have way better pictures.
I'm not sure which of these three blocks are my favorite so far. Y says that each block I make is prettier than the last. He's so encouraging.
I fall in love with this fabric each time I cut into it. it's just the perfect collection. I'm glad I over bought, but might not be able to bring myself to using the leftover fat quarters!

I'm a bit afraid that the first two blocks are too pale, so I mixed it up with a darker fabric for the third. Those foxes are by far, my all time favorite fabric.
The next block will be the foxes fabric in yellow, hope that one won't be too bright. But if I believe what Y says, I have nothing to worry about.

Have you seen Essie's new Spring nailpolish? Totally into the Madison Hue Ave!

Dogs in slow motion

Not 100% sure why, but I want this

Hope everyone has a lovely week! ♥ 

Saturday, March 23

Heat wave and the flu

Last Friday we had a quickie heat wave, 90+ degrees, and it's only March. I was curled up on the couch with a blanket and cup of tea, tears from yawning and blowing my nose so much. My temps were high all weekend, and towards Sunday I was just stuffy. Majorly stuffy. As in I finished of 2 boxes of Kleenex. I caught the flu, I've never been this sick.
My nose got red and dry, and I was snorting vicks like I was an addict. Not that it helped. I was miserable.
I was really planning on getting some fabric cutting done, but I could not stand up with my head down for more than 5 minutes.
I was cold, I was hot. I was hungry, but really could not eat anything. I didn't sew and I didn't knit. I stayed curled up and watched the finale of Top Chef.
Saturday I asked Y to move my sewing machine to the dining room table so I could quilt my quilt (haha!) and then when watching nothing on TV I could hand sew the binding.
Tuesday evening, I was still sick, but finished the quilt. Threw it into the wash for a quick crinkle, and tada!

Front & binding

Yesterday we had another quickie heat wave, and the wind was blowing like crazy, so no photo shoot. This morning, it started raining (seriously, rain?!) and the wind started blowing again like crazy. I was a bit disappointed I wouldn't get pictures, but Y is an expert with the camera.

Front, back, details
I fell in love with Sarah Janes fabric line "Out To Sea" a while ago, and quickly bought enough for one quilt. 
This fabric is super soft and adorable, even more so in person.
I'm not a cutsey kind of person, but how can you not love these adorable mermaids?!

I decided to try and keep it "modern girly" and picked out a blue floral pattern. The flowers are tiny and delicate, perfect for this kind of quilt.
The filling is thin but still warm enough, so this is a great summer blanket. Plus, the theme is very summery!

Towards the end, I was over HST. I was over zig zags. Bring on some challenge! But there's just something about the simplicity, I guess it's the clean look I like.
I just keep going back to those charm packs!

I have a plan for this quilt, along with the rest, but not going to let that cat out of the bag yet ;)

Hope everyone has a calm and quiet weekend! ♥

Sunday, March 17

What I've learnt (so far) from quilting

What I've learnt (so far) from quilting:
1. A quilt is like a bride. Don't worry, it will always be beautiful in the end.
2. Always have a spare blade.

3. Keep your hair up. You don't want it hanging there, waiting to get caught...
4. Quilting is less about knowing how to sew, and more about patience and precision.

Amy Butlers Bloom Quilt, image via Imagine Fabric

5. If you like a line of fabric. Buy it in multiple forms, charm, fat quarters, jelly roll, whatever. When it's hard to find you'll be happy.
6. Rulers. Lots of them.
7. White charm packs. Always good to have around.

8. Those tiny leftover HST from flying geese make awesome little pin cushions.
9.Colors don't always have to match. And stripes can go with polka dots.
10. If you like the pattern, YOU CAN.

Birds and berries quilt, My own

Have a lovely week ♥

Friday, March 1

Starting to Swoon

Last week I received my fabric for my Swoon quilt.
Ever since I laid eyes on Tinder and Leaf, by Sarah Watts for Blend Fabrics, I knew I needed to have it.
Stupid me though, when it came out I changed my mind. By the time I had made up my mind, the fat quarter pack was gone. Of course, I needed to have it, so I signed up to be notified when it was available again.
Now, repeat that last paragraph... (doh'!)

The third time I received a notification, it said "We will not be restocking this". Great, now I REALLY needed to have it.
So I picked out my own bundle. In half yards, just to be on the safe side. You never know. I also didn't want this to become another Heather Ross Mendocino scenario.
By picking out my own bundle I got the chance to overlook a pattern or two I didn't "love" in this line. I think there was one or two. This fabric is really gorgeous.

The foxes are definitely my favorite pattern!

I'm going to make this into a Swoon for us. I know the fabric isn't as "happy" or cheery as some of the Swoons I've seen, (check out the flickr group!) but I think it will be calm and homey. The back will be plain white, the binding the red acorns. I would have gone with the yellow acorns, but it was all sold out.

The colors are great and all compliment each other. I need 9 squares, 2 colors for each square, and I only have 12 "colors". It is no problem to pair these up to have two of the same patterns a few times, and I think it will add to the color. There's not a lot of yellow, so doubling up on them will just make it all look better.

The fabric was bought from Hawthorne Threads, which I love buying from, great selection and super quick shipping.

I'm not going to be able to start this weekend, I still have something small to finish up, but I hope to start cutting this week! Exciting! My very first non HST quilt!

I would love one of these for my bread making.

Reminds me of my dream to learn film.

New Milk magazine!

The Avengers. 50 years of earths mightiest superheros!

Colored tights. I want to be able to get away with them!

Supper tomorrow? Maybe.

Have a great weekend!

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